Tom Graham Workshop is a bespoke furniture and cabinetmaking workshop working in Somerset and London. We work with architects, designers, businesses and domestic clients to create beautiful, well-crafted pieces that fit our clients' needs perfectly.


Tom Graham

Tom trained as an architect at Liverpool University and London Metropolitan under David Grandorge and Florian Beigel. Wanting to pursue a more hands-on career but continuing to work with great designers, he side-stepped architecture by way of furniture making, working early on -- and to this day -- with many of his architectural contempories. He is passionate about intelligent, honest and delightful use of materials, believing strongly in integrity of design and making. His background in architecture combined with his hands-on experience make him uniquely placed to realise designers' aspirations and clients' dreams.


The Process

We work with clients who have never commissioned bespoke work and with designers who regularly do so. We are as happy designing spaces and furniture from scratch as we are resolving the fine material detail of an architect's construction drawings. Please get in touch to discuss how we can bring your idea into reality.